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The Domfoam Mattress

The Original Domfoam

3 Premium Layers of Foam
10" in Thickness
Antimicrobial certified

Our Mattress cover is made from our redesigned 100% machine washable fabric.

Easy to Wash!
Breathable Fabric!
Redesigned for Quality!

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Discover Our Line Of Foam Furniture

The Flair
The Foam Lounge Chair
 cut from one piece of foam. This incredibly comfortable Lounger will make a beautiful addition in any room.
The Fable
The Foam Table
 is perfect for small spaces, easy to clean and an excellent storage space
The Foamspring
The Foam Box Spring, our twist to outdated box springs
Beautiful, Compact, Reliable
Come see why
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Our Furniture Collection

Providing Foam Products Since 1963

The Domfoam Factory
Since 1963
See What Our Customers Have To Say
Jason Kaplan
Ten out of ten
We received the foam box spring earlier than we expected and it's a perfect fit for our house. Our twins can now run around the bedroom without us worrying that they will get hurt on the edges. Great product!
The Foamspring
Jennifer Anderson
Super well made
I'm impressed. The lounge chair looks amazing in my home office and is very comfortable to sit on. I've only cleaned it once so far and it was super easy.
The Flair
Anna Donato
The perfect table 
I'm a student and this table was perfect for me since there's not a lot of room in my dorm. It looks really good, I get a nice amount of storage space inside and it's such a plus to be able to just throw the fabric part in the wash instead of hand cleaning it.
Loving it 10/10
The Fable
Brian Liu
Very Comfortable
Our old mattress was starting to feel a little warped. We were looking to change the whole mattress but after receiving the mattress topper from Domfoam our sleep has completely changed for the better.
Foam Mattress Topper


Pre Cut FoamPre Cut Foam

Pre Cut Foam

Acoustic FoamAcoustic Foam

Acoustic Foam

The FlairThe Flair

The Flair

The FoamspringThe Foamspring

The Foamspring

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We Are A Proudly Canadian Company

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